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Including 北方的学校 in your estate or financial planning is vital to the future of our mission and program.

Annual gifts and capital gifts are, of course, essential and needed at all times. 然而, planned giving provides another avenue for forward-thinking donors to make a meaningful legacy gift that extends philanthropic influence beyond donors’ lifetimes.

有计划的赠与实质上是用非现金的方式来送礼. 一份计划好的礼物可以包括以下内容:

  • 在遗嘱中给NCS和/或Treetops留下一份礼物
  • 给予升值的股票或房地产
  • Devising an annuity or remainder trust to provide you or your heirs income and make a gift to this institution
  • Making this institution a full or partial beneficiary of your retirement plan or a life insurance policy

Planned gifts are strategic ways to provide for organizations that reflect your values. These gifts can expand your capacity to give and can significantly reduce your tax obligations.

你最终计划的礼物, unless otherwise directed by our Board of Trustees with the permission of your family after your death, is added to our endowment to strengthen our offerings for children and increase access to our programs.

把你的遗产做成礼物, 您将成为AG亚游客户端下载平衡石圈(BRC)的荣誉会员, joining other visionary donors who wish to make an impact now and beyond their lifetimes.

如果你有任何问题或想了解更多关于准备礼物的信息, 请联系Christie Borden, 发展主任, at (518) 837-5402, 或电邮至 .

We ask that you clear all decisions you make about planned and legacy gifts with your financial advisor.


我认为,最重要的是,NCS让我接触到了我的潜力. 离开时,我对自己和周围的世界有一种深刻的、发自内心的感觉. I can’t thank the faculty enough for nurturing me and planting the seeds of so many important things in my life. 这所学校培养有思想的年轻公民.

我承认我在NCS的经历得到了前人的支持, and it makes me feel good to know that with our planned gift we are supporting the experience of those who come after me.

-杰西卡·塔克,NCS 77,和丈夫罗伯特·科瑟夫

作为我的丈夫, 山姆, 我准备从洛杉矶搬到东海岸, we met with our estate lawyer to ensure we had the proper plans in place for our young daughter. 有人建议AG亚游客户端下载考虑在AG亚游客户端下载的计划中加入一个有意义的非营利组织. 萨姆和我立刻意识到树梢夏令营是AG亚游客户端下载有意义的组织.

作为一个露营者, 我被鼓励在刷牙的时候关掉水龙头, 这是我日常生活的一部分. 我每天都在想树梢. 树梢不像我生活中的任何其他东西, 这就是为什么AG亚游客户端下载最近加入了平衡石圈, a group of members who are preserving camp and school for future generations of children.

-Meredith Kovach, CTT 84-85,和丈夫山姆 Eaton


你的遗赠可以添加到你现有的遗嘱中作为修订或附录, 所以你不需要修改整个文档.

特此赠予AG亚游客户端下载, 合并, 位于普莱西德湖的非营利组织, NY that includes both 北方的学校 and Camp Treetops (both having a Tax ID number of 14-1430542):



及/或以下所述物业__________ (description).


您可以选择将退休计划的部分或全部资产捐赠给NCS公司. 通过填写计划的受益人表格. 通过指定NCS/ Treetops作为你的IRA的受益人, 401 (k)或其他合格的退休计划, the residual that you designate from your plan passes to the institution tax-free after your death.


You can either purchase a new policy or donate an existing policy you already own but no longer need. By designating NCS/Treetops as both the owner and beneficiary of the policy via the plan’s beneficiary forms, 你将有资格获得税收减免.


一个住宅, 假期回家, 农场, acreage and securities may have appreciated in value over the years to the extent that the sale would result in a sizable capital gains tax. 通过将这些捐赠给NCS/Treetops, you avoid or minimize capital gains taxes and could receive a charitable deduction for full fair market value from one to five years. Donors can also mitigate their tax implications by using property or assets with appreciated value to create a trust.


NCS / Treetops is in discussion with our bank to create for our donors Charitable Gift Annuities (CGA). CGAs are created when you transfer to the institution cash or property and in exchange establish an annual fixed income from the institution at a rate dependent on your age, 剩下的在你死后捐给机构. 在做这个, you can receive an immediate tax deduction and can mitigate capital gains and estate taxes. As we need a minimum amount of funds to extend this annuity offering to our donors, AG亚游客户端下载正在寻找一个核心小组,以播种这一选择和启动这一机会.

We can help you initiate discussions with your financial planner to create a Charitable Remainder Unitrust (CRUT) or Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust (CRAT). CRUTs offer you payments that change annually, based upon the market value of the assets. CRATs offer you annual fixed payments based on the initial value of the trust’s assets and your age at creation of the trust. After a set term—or your lifetime—the remainder of these trusts’ assets are donated to the institution.


AG亚游客户端下载的捐赠是对未来的一种投资. 这给了AG亚游客户端下载规划和制定战略的信心, long-term decisions that will allow us to provide future generations with the unique programming that affords every child the opportunity for success.

促进经济多元化, strong scholarship funding supports nearly 30 percent of campers and students in any given year. 近年来, scholarship assistance to students and campers has amounted to approximately 20 percent of our operating budget.

捐助者的慷慨使这一承诺成为可能. 但随着对财政援助的需求增加, endowment growth to support expanded scholarship funding will help ensure accessibility to the most promising students and campers, 无论家庭收入如何.

If our institution is to flourish, so must our children and the exceptional adults who guide them. Please consider donating to the general endowment or to any of the established named funds below.

If you have any questions or want more information about our endowment or any endowment fund, 请联系Christie Borden, 发展主任, at (518) 837-5402, 或电邮至 .

Milton和Liesa Allen基金(教员薪资)

David and Peggy Bailey Fund (In honor of the founders of Woodstock Country School)




Bramwell家庭基金(NCS) & 结论)

沃尔特·P. 布里曼捐赠基金(用于NCS的戏剧制作)


Leo和Walter Clark基金(用于NCS & 结论)

Brion Crowell基金(用于NCS & 结论)



哈利K. 爱德里奇奖学基金(适用于非书院奖学金)


Eric Feldsberg纪念奖学金基金(适用于CTT奖学金)


Reginald Gilliam Mountaineering Leadership and Scholarship Fund (for Mountaineering Program Support and 结论奖学金)

Govan Family Fund (CTT奖学金)

Tsu Hansen基金(NCS & 结论)

哈兰家庭基金(NCS) & 结论)


海伦哈斯克尔基金(NCS & 结论)

凯克拉克海因斯基金(NCS) & 结论)


Adlin and Sherman Loud奖学金基金(NCS奖学金)



彼得·W. 梅尔-史密斯基金(适用于CTT奖学金)

凯特C. 摩尔基金(CTT奖学金)


戴安娜E. Oehrli基金(CTT奖学金)


Olmstead基金(适用于NCS & 结论养老)

阿瑟·W. 帕克基金(适用于NCS & 结论)

苏珊鲍威尔NCS 51基金 & 结论)


Joyce Pearson Prock基金(适用于NCS & 结论)

理查德·洛克菲勒新生奖学金基金(NCS) &结论奖学金)




大卫. Stein NCS 52 and Allison Stein Robbins NCS 74 Fund (for Riding Program, Farm, and NCS Scholarships)




坚强的根,高峰奖学金基金(NCS & 结论奖学金)


弗兰克·H. 华勒士基金(教师进修基金)

杰罗姆·P. 韦伯斯特III基金(NCS & 结论)

Herbert and Maria West基金(NCS实习生薪资)


John O. 齐默尔曼基金(用于NCS & 结论)

If you wish to create a special endowed fund, please contact the Advancement Office at .

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